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Open Letter of thanks from Charlie Moir 4/8

Open Letter of thanks from Charlie Moir

I am not going to be able to thank all those who have pitched in time, expertise and effort on the night, so maybe you can put this into the Gazette. These are the people who became part of this event and backed us, and without their support this event would have been impossible to run. These people are doing it for surfing and have been unselfish in their contribution.

Nick Hough. If you need an event organized and you need participation, talk to Nick. Super professional and super dedicated, his track record speaks for itself, going back to Muizenberg Corner Surf Club to W P and S A Longboard revival. I knew who to talk to when Henk Schagen’s name started this event.

Gina Hough for her input and endless snacks served at the Wednesday evening organizing meetings

Paul Botha for his input during the organizing stage, and on the night.

Barbara –Matron my mate and supporter of everything I get involved in, for her backup, input and patience in tearing and stapling every voucher book, 20 thousand tickets. THANKS

Richard Brummer for taking on the job of chairing the liquid refreshment team, a job he has done often, with great success. Richard was ably supported by the W.P. Longboard Club’s Keith Kelly, Volker Diebold, Mike Grendon and the barmen. We hope the Club did well on the night!

Décor team George and Charmaine Bunting. Just when I realized I was getting into deep water with something I am no good at, along they came. You guys are great, thanks

The band, Paul De Villiers , Clive Maasch , Mike du Toit , Rael Yudelman, Bill Bennett and the one and only  ….4 times winner of the Battle of the Bands in the 60 s Jimmy Moffat . Also did this for the love of it.

Deon, say no more ……………..Bing.  I did not even finish asking for his help and I had the answer. Worked with him on many projects, always fun, thanks

Clive Maasch and “Mr Argus” Brenton Geach who recorded this event with photographs. 

Nola Muller-Viotti, artist of note, surfed in 60 s and now at 60 made a surfing comeback. For her contribution by way of the bathing box backdrop for individual and team photos

Andre De Villiers, the Oom‘s son in law, for his historical and musical contribution

Justin Hough for recording hours of 60 s music

Carlos Feyder for offering to record the Surfing 60’s. A pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing the final product. His DVD will be a “have to have”

Infra-rad’s Allan Elston and Bothners’ Jeremy Busby for their professional input and for supplying & operating projection & sound equipment.

To all the boys and girls who made themselves available to sell tickets, man the food and beverage counters, and generally to assist our guests on the evening THANK YOU ALL

Without financial assistance an event of this nature cannot happen - to our sponsors of product for the event, and to our benefactors who have subsidized this event to an amount in excess of R20, 000. Nick and I have been overwhelmed by the support from everyone and I am sure all our guests will echo our appreciation.

Now the event is over we can say thank you to those who attended and those who worked so hard during the evening, it was a great success!

Charlie M

P.S  Nick(y) H would also like to thank the following:

  • Graham Billimore and Colleen Cornwell Cooper for the printing of labels and mounting of posters.  
  • Lisa Legg of Kahuna Promotions for all the Media and Facebook work
  • Tess Moore-Wright also known as Shirley Holmes (the female version of Sherlock Holmes) for relentlessly tracking down the “missing souls” and hounding sponsors for raffle gifts.
  • All those who made the effort to attend, particularly those who travelled long distances from overseas and elsewhere in the country. You guys made it a very special evening!                           


Did the re-union raise more questions than answers?

When did surfing first start at the Muizenberg Corner?

When was Muizenberg Corner Surf Club formed.. was it 1965?

Who cycled to Lakeside every day after school to visit the “mystery lady” (see GG March edition)?

Who gave Demetra Cooras her first smooch at “The Shack”?

Why did Harold Shandler chase Pierre “Muncher” Meintjies out of Gail Shandler’s 18th Birthday Party?

Which MCSC member dated both Anne and Genny Rauch?

What does the motto “nolite te bastardes carborundorum” on the commemorative T Shirt mean?.

And .....

When are we having the next re-union?

Coverage of the Reunion

There has been plenty of coverage of the Reunion, both in print and on the internet. To see stories, images and slideshows, visit these websites:

Report on the evening + Images -

More than 100 images taken on the evening –

Slideshow on Bombsurf -

Archive images & more on Facebook -!/group.php?gid=282546045154&ref=ts

You are encouraged to add your own photos and thoughts of the reunion to the Facebook Group so we have a comprehensive record of the momentous occasion:

Simply click on the link for the Facebook Group above. Once the page loads up you either WRITE SOMETHING in the box provided and then click SHARE, or to load photos, go to the PHOTOS section of the page (lower down on the left side) and click on SEE ALL.

When the page of images comes up, you click on + ADD GROUP PHOTOS and on the next page click on UPLOAD PHOTOS. This enables you to Browse through the photos on your computer and add them to the Group Photos. Please remember to add a Caption to each image you load so everyone knows who it features.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your thoughts and pictures from both the function and from the Sixties!


DVD of The Surfers Corner Story

“Should have been here yesterday”

Carlos Feyder will be producing a DVD which includes the “Surfers Corner Story”, some footage of the reunion and a selection of all the photo’s received. You will be advised how to obtain the DVD once Carlos has completed production.

It will be a “limited edition” and no doubt become a collector’s item!


Commemorative T Shirts

We have no more T Shirts and are not planning on ordering any more. The T Shirts were sponsored by: Reef Wetsuits, New Balance Clothing and the Surfers Corner Reunion Trust Fund. They were manufactured by: Garin Walker of  Aquarius Screenprinters and Embroidery c.c. - "Awarded top supplier to New Balance SA 2007"- Tel. No. 021 706 4045; Mobile 083 448 7269


Legacy from The Surfers Corner Sixties Reunion

We hope to harness the groundswell of goodwill and enthusiasm that was generated by the Reunion to create a lasting legacy for the Corner that will commemorate the past and celebrate the future.

The first step on this path will be a Surfers Walk of Fame (SWOF) which will comprise suitably inscribed commemorative plaques honouring the pioneers and heroes of Cape Town surfing embedded in the sidewalk alongside The Wall overlooking the surf (in front of the parking space lot where the Beach Court Mansions used to be).

Anyone interested in contributing to this project, whether financially or by providing expertise and assistance, is requested to contact us via A group will be formed to decide who should be honoured, obtain local authority permission, create the plaques and place them in position.

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