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Geriatric Gazette Published for the Surfers Corner Sixties Reunion to be held on Friday 19 March 2010 Edition No 3 3/6

Geriatric Gazette

Published for the Surfers Corner Sixties Reunion to be held on Friday 19 March 2010

Edition No 3                                                                               March 2010


Only 14 days to the long awaited reunion

It’s hard to believe that after months of planning we are only days away from the reunion! It seems like yesterday when Charlie and I first got together to discuss the feasibility of holding a small get together for all the Surfers Corner locals of the 60’. We expected a gathering of 50 people and now we have an event of more than 500 people from all over the world. Hundreds of man hours have gone into the organisation and planning of this event and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who helped us with sponsorship, cash, donations and their time. Mostly thanks to my mate and co-organiser Charlie Moir who I have worked with before on various other committees. It’s a pleasure working with you and I hope we can continue with more projects in the future like creating a Surfing Museum for Muizenberg and maybe a Surfing Walk of Fame as suggested by Paul Botha.

The Randle Scandal - Peter does a “Tiger Woods”

Peter Randle has finally come clean - he has written to the legal team of the Geriatric Gazette and in his own words:


Dear Wrecked Attorneys Espey, Moir and Hough:

“I would like to modify my reply to Ed before going to press in the March Edition”

Dear Ed:

“It's confession time. If Tiger can do it so can I. I must admit I still love them both

Oh Yes, there's also my gorgeous wife.

I wish Jacob would also come clean”


Passionate Surfer


Methinks this “Randy Randle” is a bit too Passionate    .... Ed 

A letter from the lady involved in the Randle/Stokes/Bunting/Cooper affair

Quote: .. Partially censored

“Really great to hear from you and yes I remember you being very cute (those dimples) and well mannered. Do you remember the night I went with Gav Cooper, You and Jenny to The Coral Lounge in C.T. you asked me what I wanted to drink, and as I was not a drinker yet (I was very naive and had no idea what alcohol did) I said "a gin and tonic" 'cause that's what my Mum drank! Well I remember getting totally leg-less and you and Gavin carrying me out of there. Jenny was freaking out 'cause she kept saying if our Mum found out she'd stop Jenny going out with you and she really had the hots for you. I threw up all night and Jen made me hide my sheets from the old girl in the a.m. Carol Newman came to pick me up to go and watch "The Met" at Kenilworth racecourse. We were sitting on this wall and as the nags galloped by I stood up and puked all over the wall. I think that early experience really put me off alcohol and I later pursued other poisonous pleasures.

I'm so sorry I won't be there, but hopefully I will be back in C.T. for Krissie with my sister's.

I noticed, in a short clip that Nick put in an email, a pic of an S.A.P at "The Corner" and you in the background!! Actually on Sun eve I was talking to Jenny on the phone and she hadn't seen it so I navigated her there and we had a good chuckle at your "cuteness" I have heard a lot from Bosco, he’ll always be "the Man" I think he really digs it!!

So have a wonderful time and I do remember you with fond memories. I loved the surfer's from "the corner" because they were so committed to surfing, could read the weather and predict the conditions and had a strong connection with nature. I am so glad I grew up then and having that crew of friends   ..... All the Best,





Hi Nick,

Feel free to publish my letter to George. We went to The Coral Lounge to see 4 Jacks and A Jill. They were a Band from P.E. and later I think they were called "The Zombies" I was very young and not allowed to go to venues that sold alcohol, so all this went on without my Mum knowing. I must tell you that George and Gav were "the perfect gentlemen" and upheld the good name of surfers from Muizenberg. Good luck with all the organising, I'm sure you will make it a night to remember.

Best Wishes,


George “Gorgo” Bunting and Gavin Cooper the “Perfect Gentlemen” ??? Are these the same two characters we knew at MCSC.. Where did they go wrong? ... Ed

The Raffle of the Century

In addition to numerous cash donations we have received the following items that will be added to the raffle, with tickets available on the night:

  • A Firewire longboard and 100 T-Shirts donated by Cheron Kraak of Country Feeling
  • A Shaun Thompson replica “single fin” from Sport n Surf
  • 5 x R1000 gift vouchers from Puma
  • Two wetsuits and two board bags on wheels from Quiksilver
  • Nixon Lodown tide watch in Titanium
  • Products  from Billabong and its associated brands
  • O’Neill wetsuit and Ocean Minded products
  • A R500 Gift Voucher from RVCA (pronounced “ROOKA”) redeemable at The Corner Surf Shop
  • Surfware from Hurley
  • Services from Gary’s Surf School
  • The book "How To Surf in South Africa" by Miles Masterson
  • Book “Adventures of a Reluctant Printer”1st edition signed by the author David Butler
  • A weekend for two at Rod Hossack’s B&B “Lands End” at Vic Bay
  • A weekend for four at Sunset Rocks
  • A weekend for two at Kaia Outerkom B&B
  • A case of Black Bottle Whisky donated by Pierre “Muncher” Meintjies
  • Two magnums of wine from Grangehurst Winery
  • A case of 2002 special reserve wine from the Conspirare Wine Estate of Henry Dowling
  • A case of wine and a book on wine from Duncan Savage of Cape Point Vineyards
  • A case of wine from Bev “Surf Queen” Swimmer
  • Five cases of wine from Kim van Zyl
  • A case of wine from Sue Melck
  • A case of wine from Mel and Ruth Cohen
  • A commemorative plaque from Dave Harris of Honoursboards
  • Two Body stress release treatments from the BSR practice of Brin Lockitch
  • Weekend for 4, including breakfast, at the Devonvale Wine & Golf Estate from Judy Provoyeur / Lindsay
  • 2 cases of Provoyeur Red Wine from Judy Provoyeur- Lindsay
  • Cash donations, Gifts and services have been received from the following:

Henk “Farmer Henk” Schagen  (who originally planted the seeds for this reunion), Julian Adler, Ant Adler, Harry Fuchs, David Clegg, Ant Paitaki, Johnny Pagden, Claus “Bosco” Andrup, Tich and Craig Paul, Stan “The Man” Boerbaitz, Rod Hossack, Peers Pittard, Janice Botha, Helmie Tilders, Brin Lockitch, Earl Krause, Mort and Margo Hunter, Chris “Partner” Wood, Gunther Rohn, Tich and Craig Paul of Lifestyle Surf Shop, Dougal MacDonald, Gunther Rohn, Dimitri “Jimmy” Goutis,

  • SERVICES and PRODUCTS for the re-union

Grolsch Beer, Fridges and Bar counters from SA Breweries

T Shirts from Reef

T Shirts from New Balance

PA System & Sound Engineer from Bothners

Tons of sausage from Bergdale Meat Market - Henk Mol

Live 1960’s music by Paul de Villiers, Clive Maasch, Jimmy Moffat & friends


Programme of Events

6.00pm to 7.00pm – Guests arrived and obtain name tags, purchase raffle, food and liquid refreshment tickets and move to their designated tables/standing room (everyone under 60 stands)

7.30pm – Welcome by Charlie Moir and Nick(y) Hough

7.45pm – Toast to “The Oom” John Whitmore and other absent friends by Claus “Bosco” Andrup

7.55pm – A video tribute to John “The Doyen” Whitmore and a song composed and sung by Andre de Villiers

8.00 – Documentary produced by Carlos Feyder

8.15 - Live Music and raffle draws throughout the evening – You must be present to win a prize and the big prizes will be drawn late in the evening.. So have a nap on Friday afternoon



1.      Security: A private security company has been employed and their security guards WILL NOT permit you to re-enter the venue without your security name tag so do not remove your name tag at any stage during the evening

2.      No Smoking: The Muizenberg Civic/Pavilion is a non-smoking venue so you will have to smoke in a designated area outside the Pavilion please remember note 1 above

3.      Cash: Bring lots of money in small notes R10 and R20 to purchase books of tickets for the raffle, bar and food. No cash will be handle at the Bar or Food counters and no debit cards, credit cards or cheques will be accepted

4.      Dress Code for the reunion: The dress for the reunion will be casual with a hint of Hawaii. Guys can wear floral shirts and leis and ladies can wear leis (flower) garlands and a flower behind one ear. In Hawaii a flower behind the left ear means being taken, or married.A  flower behind the right ear means still available


Let’s Go Surfing At The Corner

To keep the good vibes flowing after the festivities on Friday night, you’re all invited to gather at the Corner on Sunday 21 March to meet and mingle with your new-found “old buddies”, see what they look like in daylight and get the chance to catch up and exchange contact details with those who you did not have time to meet at the function. We’ve organised 12 original 1960’s surfboards for you to test your skills in the surf and hope you’ll join us in spending a sunny Sunday at the Corner, where it all began!





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