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RSVP’s pour in from all over the World 2/12

RSVP’s pour in from all over the World

Organisers report that they have received RSVP’s from Scotland, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, England, France, Canada, The Maldives, Korea, Liberia and yes even Cape St Francis.

Prior to going to print with this edition, the head count of 100% confirmed guests stood at an incredible 470.  To think that when Charlie and Nick started out on this quest they thought approx. 70 people would respond.

Eligibility for a invite to the Surfers Corner Sixties Reunion 

The interest in the Surfers Corner Sixties Reunion has far exceeded our expectations! We have reach the stage where we are overbooked for the function as the venue can only seat 430 people!

 The original criteria to be invited to the function is: 

You must have frequented Surfers Corner Muizenberg during the Sixties (1960 to 1969) on a regular basis, i.e. you should now be in your late fifties (if you were a teenager in the 60's) or older, OR, you have been specifically invited by one of the organisers

All sponsors and those assisting us with the Bar, Food, Music, Photos, Filming etc plus their partners are excluded from the above criteria

Please take another look at the Guest list and make sure that you can identify the Guys and Girls that you "hung out" with at Surfers Corner. Those who do not qualify via the criteria above are kindly requested ask us to put you on the "waiting list" and we will let you know if we can accommodate you closer to the date of the reunion


Due to the volume of emails being received we are unable to answer any queries relating to the above but we ask you please not to deprive a true Corner local of a place at the reunion by attending if you are not eligible.

To avoid “no shows”, the organisers have decided that all those who have RSVP’d and do not turn up to the reunion will be charged a cancellation fee of R100 per head. Your only excuse for not attending will be that you have been admitted to either Hospital or Heaven.

The Raffle of the Century

In addition to numerous cash donations we have received the following items that will be added to the raffle, with tickets available on the night:

  • A Firewire longboard and 100 T-Shirts donated by Cheron Kraak of Country Feeling
  • A case of Black Bottle Whisky donated by Pierre “Muncher” Meintjies
  • A case of 2002 special reserve wine from the Conspirare Wine Estate of Henry Dowling
  • A weekend for two at Rod Hossack’s B&B “Lands End” at Vic Bay
  • A weekend for four at Sunset Rocks
  • Two magnums of wine from Grangehurst Winery
  • A R500 Gift Voucher from RVCA (pronounced “ROOKA”) redeemable at The Corner Surf Shop
  • The book "How To Surf in South Africa" by Miles Masterson
  • A case of wine and a book on wine from Duncan Savage of Cape Point Vineyards
  • 50 reunion commemorative T Shirts from Gary van Rooyen of New Balance
  •  “Adventures of a Reluctant Printer”1st edition signed by the author David Butler
  • A case of wine from Bev “Surf Queen” Swimmer
  • Two Body stress release treatment from the practice of Brin Lockitch
  • A wetsuit from O’Neill
  • Various products from Billabong and its associated brands
  • Services from Gary’s Surf School
  • An Oil painting of ‘The Hoek’ by Nola Muller-Viotti
  • Colin Sunkel has agreed to do a Group photo of everyone on the steps in front of the Pavilion at 7.30pm on 19 March, and have a framed copy ready for everyone by the end of the evening!


“Interviews” for the documentary (and the morning after)

Carlos “Spielberg” Feyder, our intrepid camera man, movie producer, director, etc, has been conducting interviews with some of the surf stars of the Sixties. The first interview featured John Nield, John Heath, Charlie Moir and Trevor “Pog” Espey. Most of the sound had to be edited out of the footage as throughout the interviews all that could be heard was Trevor chirping in the background.

The second round of interviews took place at the home of Nick(y) and Gina Hough (How) and featured Ant “The Greek” Paitaki, Pierre “Muncher” Meintjies, George “Gorgo” Bunting, Paul “Mr Surfing RSA” Botha and a extremely reluctant Nick H. Our producer was delayed and arrived about a hour late by which time copious amounts of beverage was consumed and tongues were very loose. The Greek, Muncher and Paul gave “Oscar winning”performances. Gorgo and Nick(y) have subsequently decided to curtail their aspirations to take up careers in Hollywood.      

Please note that there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that our Editor was suffering from “wingerdstok siekte” the morning after the interviews.

The trailer for Surfers Corner – The Movie will be posted on the Facebook group shortly. Sub-titled “You should have been here yesterday”, the video will be shown at the Reunion and then a final edit will be made available to all who attend once footage from the function is added. Promises to be a collector’s item par excellence!   


WANTED: Copies of the badges of Surf Clubs and decals of the surf board manufacturers of the Sixties ... URGENT

Next Edition

In the next edition ... We publish the programme of events and news of a “Legend’s of the Sixties” Surf Contest to be held on the Sunday sponsored by Zimmer Frame and Viagra ... Mrs Palmer’s & Sex Wax eat your heart out.

Don’t forget Friday 19 March 2010 at Muizenberg Pavilion 19h00 (7pm) sharp.... It’s a long weekend so don’t double book

Aloha .. Ed



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